ABOUT US | ORODJA ERHART D.O.O.Orodja Erhart d.o.o.

Cutting-edge technologies enable pinpoint accuracy

To achieve maximum efficiency of the workflow we use multi-functional machines. The grinding is performed using Swiss-manufactured high-precision machines (Kellenberger and Studer), which enables the constant quality. We have 10 nine-axes turnmill machining centres, 15 CNC lathes, 5 milling machining centres , 5 CNC grinding machines (Kellenberger), 5 lathes for hard-turning and CNC machines for internal grinding. We are able to quickly and cost-effectively fulfil even the most demanding wishes, without any compromises. Chucks can be balanced to different levels of accuracy, their external shape and appearance is treated with various processes (burnishing, polishing, sandblasting, etc.), laser marked and packaged in agreed packaging (cardboard, plastics, wood, etc.).

Four decades of tradition in the heart of Europe

It was in 1976, in the heart of Europe, when and where the entrepreneurial success story of Vlado and Marija Erhart began. In the northern part of Slovenia, known for its centuries’-old tradition in the metalworking industry, that they founded the company Orodja Erhart, which initially performed services at a local level. In 1985, they began to focus on manufacturing tool holders and continued to work together with local companies. The story of the successful cooperation between the companies spread beyond the borders of Slovenia, and sales expanded to many countries around the world. At the turn of the new millennium, the company’s management was taken over by the second generation of the Erhart family and the focus on providing services of the highest quality and to conduct business on a global scale has increased even more.

Constant concern for progress yields results

With years of hard work Orodja Erhart d.o.o., advanced to become one of the cutting-edge companies in this field. Efforts for constant improvement and customer satisfaction have resulted in a 345% revenue growth over the last six years and now we are investing in a further expansion of our company. To mark the 40th anniversary of the company, the management and production was moved to a new location with state-of-the-art equipment, which provides all employees with a pleasant working environment and enables us to achieve the highest level of quality. Our aspirations for the future are based on the latest trends and technologies as well as the satisfaction of our customers and colleagues.

Expert personnel and a modern working environment

The backbone of our company is a team of 50 professionally trained employees for whom we provide continuous education and the best possible working conditions. Work is conducted at two locations with a total indoor surface area of 3,500 m2. The new modern hall provides a clean, health-friendly and pleasant working environment. The area is air-conditioned with the cutting-edge air-conditioning system Toshiba VRF and for heating we make use of the residual heat. The entire company is equipped with LED lighting of appropriate intensity and colour of the light and all machines are equipped with central airmist suction systems.